A DSCR loan is the Answer to a DTI Ratio Problem

Nov 8, 2023

We have a highly experienced real estate investor who approaches us with an impressive FICO score of 732. This investor is prepared to make a 25% down payment and is eager to acquire a new investment property. Upon careful examination of their tax returns, we have determined that the borrower’s debt-to-income ratio stands at 58%. However, this should not pose a challenge as long as we provide them with the appropriate loan solution.

Our Non-QM Solution to the Problem.

By utilizing the DSCR product designed specifically for real estate investors, we were able to assess their eligibility based on the cash flow generated by the property in question instead of relying on their tax returns. This loan option eliminates the need for employment or personal income verification, as well as a debt ratio calculation. The rental income from the property was more than enough to cover 75% of the borrower’s PITIA on the subject property. As a result, we were able to fund the loan, and the borrower successfully expanded their investment portfolio with another property.

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