DSCR Cash Flow Product is Ideal for First-Time Investors

Sep 26, 2023

Did you know we can assist a first-time investor in purchasing an investment property using our DSCR cash flow loan?

Our first-time investor clients are going to appreciate how easy it is to purchase an investment property with a DSCR cash flow loan. These loans close quickly providing a positive customer experience. Once our clients see how easy it is they will be back to finance their next investment property with us as their trusted broker.

Real estate investors can qualify under DSCR without personal employment or traditional income analysis. The borrower is not subject to a debt-to-income calculation.


  • 70% LTV on purchase and rate / term refinance
  • 65% LTV for a cash-out refinance
  • No personal income or employment information required
  • No DTI
  • DSCR ratio minimum 1.00

As you can see that we are experts at financing investment properties. Either you’re a seasoned real estate investor or a first time investor we have the program to get you financing you need. We also have a no ratio DSCR program incase the debt service coverage ratio doesn’t qualify the property. Leave it up to us to get you the financing you need for your real estate investment portfolio.

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