Grow Your Net Worth with a DSCR Loan

Sep 19, 2023

Purchase or refinance with a no-income check loan. Your tenant pays for your property. Our clients grow their net worth.

With DSCR loans, our borrowers qualify on the expected rent of the property, not with income, tax records, or debt.

  • No tax returns, no income or job required
  • No minimum DSCR
  • $100K to $3.5M
  • Up to $1M cash-out
  • 30- and 40-year fixed, plus interest-only options
  • Unlimited properties
  • Non-warrantable condos
  • Short-term rentals – plus SFR, condo, 2-4 units

Contact our office for more information about DSCR loans and how you can qualify with no income verification.

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