Property Investors Have Niche Borrowing Needs? Try our DSCR Loans

Sep 22, 2023

We specialize in niche lending for our clients. We always have a solution for our borrowers with a slightly different profile or needs than all the others. From first-time home buyers to 6-month seasoning for cash-out loans and more, we can help.

At we know everything there is to know about cash-flow financing also known as the DSCR program. This is where the rental income of the property is covering the monthly expense for that property. Usually its a 1:1 ratio, so if the rent is $4000 then the monthly PITI (expense) for that property can not exceed $4000, if it does we have to switch it to a No Ratio DSCR program which carries a higher interest rate.

Here are some highlights of our DSCR program:

  • First Time Home Buyer Allowed on DSCR – Must have a 12-month rental history
  • No Cash-in-Hand Limits on Cash-Out loans
  • 1-day off-Market OK including on cash-out transactions
  • Only 6-Month Seasoning for Cash-Out & Use Today’s Appraised Value
  • No Limit on Cash-Out
  • Qualify using the highest score on joint applications for DSCR loans
  • Loans closing in an LLC or Corp do not report to credit
  • Dual Comp Allowed on all Non-Owner Properties (BPC and YSP)
  • Use for 1-8 Residential & 2-8 Mixed Use

As a DSCR niche mortgage company, we are experts at financing investment properties. Whether it’s a short-term rental like Airbnb or a long-term tent we have a solution no matter what the scenario is. Contact our office for more information about our DSCR mortgage programs.

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