Real Estate Investors Can Cash Out Up to 75% with a DSCR Program

Nov 13, 2023

Our DSCR cash flow loan presents a cash-out refinance option with up to a 75% LTV, making it an ideal solution for real estate investors seeking to leverage equity for property enhancements or additional investment purchases. This mortgage product is among our most favored, providing a swift and hassle-free closing.

Highlights of our DSCR Product:

  • A six-month ownership seasoning is required based on the appraised value
  • No employment details needed
  • Exclusion of traditional personal income assessment
  • No required DTI ratio for qualification
  • Minimum 1.00 DSCR ratio
  • Permissible LLC vesting
  • Borrowing entity in LLC form permitted

Qualification centers on the subject property’s cash flow using a debt service coverage ratio (DSCR). We also offer a No Ratio DSCR program in case the property does not debt service with current rental income.

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