Self-Employed Real Estate Investor Borrower

Oct 2, 2023

Most lenders don’t lend to first-time real estate investors. We on the other hand have several DSCR programs that will finance a first-time investment property buyer. Here is a scenario in which we just help purchase an investment property as a first-time investor.

A borrower, and first-time real estate investor, owns their primary residence and is now looking to purchase their first Investment property. They are self-employed and, based on the net reported income on the tax returns, have a debt-to-income ratio of 57%. The borrower has a 742 FICO and an LTV of 75%. How do you close this loan quickly so they don’t lose this sought-after investment property?

Our DSCR cash flow loan allows first-time investors to qualify without employment or traditional income analysis. The borrower is also not subject to debt-to-income ratio calculations. Qualification is based on the cash flow of the subject property. Using the 1007 rent schedule, the subject property market rent could cover the borrower’s PITIA on the property, meeting the minimum DSCR ratio for DSCR. This satisfied real estate investor now has a trusted broker to build their real estate portfolio.

Gross Rental Income = $1000 /Proposed PITIA = 1000.00 = 1.00 DSCR

As a leading dscr mortgage company we have so many DSCR mortgage programs that will fit any scenario. Helping real estate investors expand their real estate portfolio is our niche. Contact our office and our DSCR loan consultants will be able to run the scenario and get the financing that you are looking for.

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